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Meet LEARN’s visionary founder, Darra Wray, as she unveils the essence of our TechEd program. Plus, get inspired by firsthand accounts from our enthusiastic students!

Summer 2024 Schedule

Apps have changed the way many people get around! This presentation will explore ride sharing apps, which are also known as e-hailing apps. Learn about the two most popular apps — Uber and Lyft — and the pros and cons of them both.

Interested in getting back into the workforce? Curious about the new “gig” economy? This lecture will provide an overview of how to use social media in your job search, demonstrate digital job searching tools like LinkedIn, and offer tips and advice to job seekers. You’ll also learn about new opportunities for freelance work and how you can supplement your income in innovative ways

Are you curious about using ChatGPT or Gemini but not sure where to start? In this presentation, we will explore tips for using generative AI chat programs so you can make them work for you. You will learn how to write questions or prompts that are specific and effective to get useful answers. Whether you plan to use them at work, for personal projects, or just for fun, we will show you how this technology can help you with all kinds of tasks. We will also cover best practices for privacy and security so you can be a confident user.

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