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Peaceful Death: Another Option

This session will explore the availability of options for a dignified death, states that have Right to Die options, the importance (and shortcomings) of Advance Directives, and more. Final Exit Network will share what they do and how they address the needs of potential clients. 

Disclaimer: This presentation contains information about difficult issues. LEARN provides access to a broad range of resources and information related to aging and caregiving topics and does not take a position on any of our educational topics. 

Jim Van Buskirk

Final Exit Network
April 21, 2022

Rethinking Brain Injuries

Most people recognize that significant blows to the head often injure the brain but are unaware that many seemingly mild concussive forces can damage the pituitary gland and have a devastating effect. Many people do not realize their anxiety, depression, brain fog, sleeping disorder, eating disorder, or chronic headaches may be the result of a brain injury and that measuring and balancing hormones in the brain can go a long way toward healing. Join Eric Collett, CEO of A Mind For All Seasons, for a review of current brain injury research and learn about the work his team is doing to help people improve their brain health.

Eric Collett

A Mind of All Seasons
April 5, 2022

Living Well With Diabetes or Chronic Pain

The Southwest Idaho Area Agency on Aging offers programs and services for seniors, people with disabilities, and caregivers. Join us to learn about how to access programs that are available to you. This class will include a special focus on the Living Well evidence-based programs for people living with (or taking care of) someone with diabetes or chronic pain:
     – Living Well with Diabetes
     – Living Well with Chronic Pain

Natalie Nathan, MHS

Eat Well Be Well

How good nutrition impacts health and aging.

Mimi Cunningham, MA

Benefits of Palliative Care

The goal of palliative care is to improve the quality of life for both patients and their families. Join us to learn about this specialized type of medical care that focuses on providing patients of any age and at any stage of a serious illness with relief from pain, stress, and symptoms.

Dr. Jessica Evert, MD

Medication Management

Medication management is an important part of the overall treatment plan for individuals who take multiple medications leading to better and more cost-effective care. Join us for a pane discussion to learn about tools and services to help you better manage your medication.

Dr. Louise Ye-Liew

Brightview Health
February 28, 2022

Kevin Crumley

Mountain Care Pharmacy
February 28, 2022

Advances in the Prevention & Treatment of Dementia

Learn how to improve your cognitive functioning and prevent dementia. Let an expert in dementia show you how to take charge of your mind health to ensure a future in which you have the cognitive capacity to take care of your own needs and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Eric Collett

A Mind of All Seasons
February 16, 2022

Mobile Medicine: Removing Barriers to Healthcare

This presentation provides information about the value and benefits of Medical Care in the home. It identifies barriers to healthcare and provides suggestions of things you can do to maintain good health. There is also a discussion of the importance of vaccination for COVID-19 , influenza…

Brad Bigford, NP

Table Rock Mobile Medicine
January 16, 2022 

Fall Risk Prevention

Discover activities that reduce the risk of falls by improving strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Laureen Quick

An Introduction to Hospice

Mike Briggs

Keystone Hospice
July 29, 2021

ABC's and D's of Medicare

Teresa McCully

Silver Key Benefits
July 13, 2021

Medicare / Medicaid Coordinated Plans in Idaho

Kristen Tracy, LSW

Blue Cross of Idaho
July 13, 2021

Healthcare Advance Directives in Idaho

This video will provide you with a detailed understanding of the Healthcare Advance Directive forms for Idaho. This session will also provide guidance about how to talk with your family and friends about your healthcare preferences and choices.

Dee Childers

Julie Robinson

Seasons Care Management
April 15, 2021

Healthcare Advance Care Planning: An Introduction

This video will provide you with an overview of the Healthcare Advance Directives used in Idaho. 

Rick Bassett, MSN, RN

The Idaho POST (Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment)

This video provides an overview and introduction of the Idaho POST (Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment). This document falls under the umbrella of Advance Care Planning for Healthcare.

Dee Childers

Health Benefits of Chocoloate

Jessica Trowbridge

ComForCare Boise
February 16, 2021

Vaccine Preventable Illness in Adults (with a focus on COVID-19)

Julie Madsen, MD, FACEP

Dispatch Health
January 16, 2021

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