TechEd for Seniors

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TechEd for Older Adults

Program Sponsors

We are thrilled to announce that LEARN Idaho’s TechEd program for seniors has been awarded a generous contribution of $25,000 from the AT&T Connected Learning program. This exciting partnership is dedicated to narrowing the digital divide and ensuring that seniors have equitable opportunities to learn and thrive in today’s digital world.

Curriculum Sponsor

LEARN is partnering with Senior Planet from AARP to help older adults use technology to learn new skills, save money, and make new friends.  Classes are hosted at the Dick Eardley Senior Center in Boise and are intended for adults 60 and over.  Join us for FREE in-person lectures and hands-on workshops on popular topics, and attend practice sessions to learn how you can stay connected!

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We are seasoned experts, yet extremely welcoming – diverse and inclusive. We are digital inclusion practitioners, advocates, and supporters working with our communities to advance digital equity.

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