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LEARN: Lifelong Education and Aging Resource Network, Inc. is comprised of professionals and business who are focused all or in part on serving the senior population and/or the family / professional caregivers of the senior population and whose primary residence or work location is in the State of Idaho.

Membership Classifications

There are four classes of membership:

Professional Member – Professional who is actively serving the mature adult and/or family caregiving population and who meets criteria one thru five below.

Affiliate Member – Professional who is actively serving the mature adult and/or family caregiving population and who meets criteria two thru five below.

Member Emeritus – Active members who retire from the workforce or who transition to another role, discipline, or function are permitted to remain involved with LEARN as a Member Emeritus as long as all other stated membership requirements are met.

Student Member – Current student participating in a program or pursuing a degree / certification in a field related to supporting the senior / caregiver populations


Membership Criteria

To be considered for membership, applicants must:

  1. Have an active certification, license, or degree in a professional discipline or function related to aging or serving the senior population, including but not limited to the fields of:
        • Care Management
        • Caregiver Support
        • Education
        • Estate Planning
        • Financial Services
        • Fitness and Wellness
        • Home Care, Home Health, and Hospice
        • Insurance Services
        • Real Estate Services
        • Senior Advocacy
        • Senior Care Advisement and Transition Services
  2. Have demonstrated experience in a field related or equivalent to their certification, license or degree.
  3. Currently be serving the senior population and/or the family/professional caregivers of the senior population in Idaho. 
  4. Have a reputation of excellence and integrity in their field.
  5. Be committed to the mission of LEARN which is to provide pro-active community educational programs on retirement and aging-related topics for nearly and newly retired individuals, sandwich generation family members, and family caregivers.

The Membership Committee will consider applicants on a case by base basis who may not meet specific membership requirements but who have equivalent knowledge and experience.

Membership Dues

Annual membership dues for each classification of membership are as follows:

        • Professional Member:            $80 per member per year

    Membership is granted on an individual basis, but businesses with three (3) or more members are entitled to discounted membership dues as follows:  three to five members – $200, six to eight members – $350. and more than eight members: $500

        • Affiliate Member:                     $50 per member per year
        • Member Emeritus:                   $25 per member per year
        • Student Member:                     $10 per member per year
  • Membership dues are assessed the beginning or the first month following approval for membership and will be due 15 days following the date they are invoiced.  Membership dues will be assessed on an annual basis based on the anniversary of membership.  There are no refunds for partial membership years if a person chooses to leave the organization for any reason.

Membership Benefits

Below is a summary of the benefits afforded to each level of membership described above:


Membership Transfers
Affiliate memberships are transferrable from a current member to another individual in the same organization as long the new proposed member meets the standard criteria for membership. All requests for membership transfers must be reviewed and approved by the Membership Committee. A $25 transfer fee will be assessed to cover the administrative costs of the membership transfer.

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