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Meet LEARN’s visionary founder, Darra Wray, as she unveils the essence of our TechEd program. Plus, get inspired by firsthand accounts from our enthusiastic students!

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In this lecture, you’ll learn the basics of cloud storage — a technology that lets you store documents, images, and other media files remotely while giving you greater accessibility, reliability, and protection for your important data. We’ll discuss what it is, why it’s the future of data storage, and demonstrate a few of the most popular services currently available to consumers.

Having home internet can help you save money, look for a job, connect with others, make everyday tasks easier, and much more! This lecture goes over basic information you need to know when signing up for home internet service, so that you can understand all your options. You’ll also learn about resources for finding low-cost programs from internet service providers across the countr

Do you envision something in your mind’s eye but struggle to bring it to life? There’s an AI tool for that! This lecture will explain how artificial intelligence can turn your words into stunning realistic and imaginative images in seconds. We’ll demonstrate an AI image generator and the wide range of visual and artistic styles it can produce. You’ll also learn tips for getting the most out of this new and exciting technology so you can get started!

Interested in learning more about your smartphone camera? Come to this lecture to explore your smartphone’s camera and some features like recording video, adding filters to pictures, and using your camera’s timer! We’ll also go over some basic tips for taking good selfies, selecting backgrounds, and using optimal lighting. This presentation will cover Android and iPhone.

Visit sites around the world from the comfort of your home, get a bird’s-eye-view of your childhood neighborhood, or simply get directions to your friend’s house! Google Maps is a mapping application that offers satellite imagery, street maps, and street-view perspectives. It also has a route planner for your preferred transportation method, be it foot, car, bicycle or public transportation. During this lecture, you’ll get an introduction to the platform and a demonstration of how to use it.

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